Selecting the Right Generator

Choosing the right size generator for your home depends on several factors, including size of home, size of air conditioning unit(s), how many appliances/circuits you want to protect - and most importantly - your budget.

Before making a purchase decision, it's important to calculate your emergency power requirements and then determine which size and model of standby home generator is right for you.  Some key things to consider include:

  • what is your home's overall square footage?  Typically, the larger the home, the higher Kw generator you'll need to cover your power requirements.
  • do you want to protect your whole house or just the necessities, i.e. refrigerator, sump pump, some lights/TV, etc.?
  • do you want your central A/C to be powered during an outage?  And, if so, do you have more than one A/C unit?  The higher tonnage output of your A/C unit(s), the more power required to run your home during a blackout.  This is a significant factor to consider.
  • Is your house "all electric" or a combination of electricity, gas and/or propane?

The best way to determine your home generator power needs is by having one of CDS's experienced estimators visit your home to review your specific needs and make a recommendation tailored just for you.  Give us a call today or email us to schedule an appointment.